Tipperary Town Local Ambassador Program

The Tipperary Town Local Ambassador volunteer will provide direct contact with people who are either residents or visitors to the town. Once trained, the Local Ambassador will have extensive knowledge of Tipperary Town from a historic, cultural and service perspective. They will focus their attention on meeting with, greeting and supporting people who are living in the town or who come to the town for work, shopping or leisure.

Training will be provided to all Local Ambassadors that will assist in familiarising them on a range of town aspects including available parking locations, existing services and awareness of the range of shops and facilities in the area. Training on health and safety awareness will also be included. Local Ambassadors will be responsible for keeping the tipperarytown.ie website and Google Map location updated. They will ensure that new and local businesses are registered and correctly presented online.

Local Ambassadors will be passionate individuals with time to volunteer and a willingness to promote the town in the positive light that it deserves. They will have an interest in engaging with and assisting people to enjoy all the benefits that Tipperary Town has to offer. The Local Ambassadors will be required to commit to working a limited number of hours regularly. If you are interested in participating, please contact info@tipptownrevitalisation.ie to register your interest.

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If you are interested in participating, please contact us on this form or the contact details below to register your interest.

3 James St.
Tipperary Town
Co. Tipperary
(062) 31244