Tipperary Remembrance Arch

In early 2004 Tipperary Remembrance Trust was formed. The Trust brought together Irish Ex-servicemen and Women, and people from grouping dedicated to Remembrance, Peace and Reconciliation. Adjacent to St. Vincent’s Day Care Centre on the site of the former Tipperary Military Barracks stands the only remaining portico of the Officers Mess and Living Quarters.The Trust renovated the Portico, on the completion we called it “Tipperary Remembrance Arch” and our President, Mary McAleese dedicated it on the 30th September 2005 to their memory.The Arch is also dedicated to the memory of those who came home from those conflicts seriously injured, maimed and sick from what they went through, did not survive for long after and especially those whom to this day are still missing. The names of those who died since the end of WW2 are displayed on tablets on the rear of the arch. The Arch is to small to show the names of those who died in the war’s and our war for independence. We are presently working on a database that will hold all the names and information on where they were killed and where they are interred, etc. The Trust holds an annual remembrance Ceremonies at the Arch on the last Sunday of September and at any other opportunities by request.
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