St. Michael’s G.N.S.

Bearing the name of the parish, St. Michael’s G.N.S. is a Catholic primary school steeped in history and tradition and is proud to be the longest established provider of Primary Education for girls in Tipperary Town. Designed in 1842 by architect, A.J. Fahie, the school ran for 134 years in the premises which is now The Community Centre in St. Michael Street. It moved to its present location in 1976 and increased to a five classroom building. In 1981 a further classroom was added and in 2006 two further classrooms were built. Set in St. Michael Street on extensive grounds, the school has easy access to The Marian Hall, St. Michael’s Church, The Excel Centre, Tipperary Community Radio, the County and Rosanna tennis clubs and at the rear, the athletics track, the Sports Complex and the swimming pool. The school uses all of the above excellent facilities. The school has a staff of ten teachers and two Special Needs Assistants. It has a secretary and two caretaking staff. The school endeavours to provide a broad education nurturing the wide variety of talents of its pupils. The staff makes a united and talented team with expertise in Music, Art, Sport, Drama, Writing, History, Irish, Special Needs and I.T. St. Michael’s G.N.S. has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and pupils are encouraged to participate and achieve. Pupils are encouraged to engage in all areas of the curriculum in a non-competitive way thus ensuring everyone has a measure of success in every area of the curriculum. Where pupils are seen to have a real flair in some areas they partake in competitions. The school has had many successes in the following areas: Athletics, Tennis, Science Quiz, The National Handwriting Competition, National and Regional Art Competitions, Regional Write a Book Project, The Sherkin Island Marine Project and the National Esso Wild Life Competition. With a strong emphasis on high standards in the core subjects, St. Michael’s G.N.S. has also traditionally placed great emphasis on Music which continues to the present day. The choir continues to perform each year at Local and National level. The Senior Choir travels to Dublin annually to perform at the Hallelujah Christmas Concert. Senior Classes play the tin whistle and have entertained at the Excel and on the radio also. Pupils are as familiar with Mozart and Beethoven as they are with reels and hornpipes or Justin Bieber. St. Michael’s likes to pride itself on the provision of the holistic development of the child. It has a very united, experienced and diligent teaching team which is backed by a very supportive and generous cohort of parents, ambitious for their children and their school. It also has the backing of a knowledgeable and conscientious Board Of Management. It is our hope that as a child leaves St. Michael’s G.N.S., she will be confident and imbued with self worth and have tolerance for the diversity in human nature and respect for people and the environment. Our motto is “Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí”
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