Coach Road Walk

The highlands referred to are the Slievenamuck where the car park is situated with excellent views of the Galtee Mountains across the valley. Slievenamuck is said to be named after a great pig slain there by Fionn MacCumhaill. The area is also said to have been completely covered in oak woods through which roamed herds of wild pigs.ᅠThese woods were cut down in the 17th century for use in tanning and shipbuilding. Classic Walk 7.4km (4.5 miles). Climb 250 metres (775 feet). Walking time 2 hours. Park in the Car Park at the top of Slievenamuck Hill. From the Car Park walk north-eastwards along a track that was the old Bianconi Coach Road for 350 metres downhill to Stafford O’ Brien’s (Bianconi’s) well. Return to the Car Par by the same route. From the Car Park walk eastwards along a track for 2.25 kms until you reach a Forest Road. 950 metres along the track from the Car Park there is a rock cliff on your left (it is 60 metres in off the track) called CARRIGEENINA and it offers excellent views of the surrounding countryside. 550 metres further eastwards of this viewing point there is another rock cliff (it is 40 metres in off the track) on your left. It is called Leac-a-Thorabh (flagstone of the bull). 750 metres from here is the forest road referred to above. Continue straight onwards (eastwards) along the forest road for 200 metres until you reach another junction of forest roads. At the junction, turn right, heading south-westwards and continue along this road for 1.9 kilometres until you reach a tar road at Christ The King Statue in the Lower Car Park. Follow the tar road downhill for 1.1 kilometres until you reach the end of the forest on your right. Here a track leads into a farmhouse on your right. Follow this track for about 30 metres to its bend and from the bend head north-eastwards inside in the gully in the forest for 750 metres until you reach the tar road. This 750-metre walk is along the old Coach Road and along the way you cross over a forest road and then over and interesting stone bridge. Cross over to the other side of the tar road and follow the Coach Road again through the forest. This takes you back to the Upper Car Park where you started off from. Family Walk 3.3 kilometres (2 miles). Climb 130 metres (400 feet). Walking time 75 minutes From the Upper Car Park walk southwards downhill along the tar road for 1.1 kilometres until you reach Christ The King Statue near the Lower Car Park. You then follow the route from here back to the Upper Car Park via the Old Coach Road as described above in the Classic Walk.
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