How to survive a heat wave!

Thermometers hit 27 degrees in some parts of Tipperary today… and it’s forecast to stay hot and muggy for the rest of this week.
So here are some timely tips on how to survive a heat wave!
Turn your house into a cave!
Irish homes don’t tend to have air conditioning so keep inside cool by keeping the sun out, but let some air in – leave your windows open but close your blinds or curtains.
If you’re feeling handy then try to deflect the sun – cardboard covered with tinfoil (facing out!) will reflect the sunshine and heat out.
Another crazy idea but that works – if you have a small fan, run it beside a basin of cold water or ice. It will circulate cooler air!
Identify the coolest room in your house – probably downstairs (heat rises!) and at a side of your house that is North-facing.
Cut out extra heat sources
Incandescent light bulbs can generate unnecessary heat, as can computers or appliances left running. Eat fresh foods so you don’t have to use the oven or hob to prepare meals.
Drink Cold Drinks
Cool drinks, especially water, will help to keep you cool and replenish the fluids you lose from sweating. Avoid excess alcohol, caffeine or drinks high in sugar. And don’t wait until you feel thirsty!
Cold Compress
Hold an icepack or cold sponge/towel to the back of your neck. It’s been proven to help athletes cool down so why not the rest of us!
Splash yourself with cool water or even take a cold shower! You could also dip your feet in a basin of cold water.
Stay out of the sun
Plan ahead and have food, drink or medication at home so you don’t have to go outside during the hottest hours of the day, usually between 11am and 3pm. Wear loose, cool clothing and a hat and sunglasses if you must go outdoors. Use sunblock!

By:Sian Moloughney

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