‘Next Saturday will require a much better performance than that’ – Tipp boss Michael Ryan

In his post-match comments Tipperary hurling manager Michael Ryan was far from a happy man; while thankful to be in the draw for the next round, the Upperchurch/Drombane clubman was disappointed with the display.
He started by saying
“What was disappointing was how we were playing. Look we came here to win, there was no other prize on offer other than a place in the bowl for Monday morning, so that’s mission accomplished. But loads to do, loads to do. It is only when you play opposition that you really get a barometer of where you are at. There was a lot of rustiness out there for us, a lot of hesistancy to go to the play and go to the ball,” he said.
“But to be fair you have got to credit Westmeath in all of this, they played a really good brand of hurling to be fair to them. We were overwhelming favourites coming in here today, it didn’t impede Westmeath at all. I thought they made Semple Stadium look small, they used their play well and there was a lot to admire about their game” acknowledging a display from the Lake County side that cause a lot of concern over the 70 minutes to Tipperary.
Tipp fail to impress in win over Westmeath
The Tipp manager continued:
“Bottom line here is we came here to win, to be in the bowl, we’re in it. What is going to come out of bowl for us and what we will have to face next Saturday will certainly require a much much better performance than that.

Asked about what Tipperary can realistically do in a week and whether it was now more a mental than a physical issue with the side…
“While we are not happy with the performance it is great to have had a game and that is the first thing because a six weeks break is a very very long time. Now next week, we won’t get the work rate done, we will get a quota of work done on Tuesday and Thursday will be rest, and not very much at any rate. There are still positions up for grabs on this team and we are absolutely encouraging the competition as you can see how we made the changes there early in the second half and it continued right throughout the team.
“We have lost Niall O’Meara with an injury (ankle) – from what I can see there is no way he will be back for next week but we are waiting on a diagnosis and we will see how that goes.
“Some of the performances were below par and when performances are below par you have opened the door for competition and that’s a healthy thing as far as I am concerned. Those performances were below par the lads will be the first know you have to reach levels and get yourself on the ball” added the Tipp boss.
Questioned about the talk in the media about Tipp not offering a concession of home venue to Westmeath
“I have a very straight forward view on that. We weren’t drawn to play in Mullingar so why would we go there. Why would you inflict that on the Tipperary supporters? We’d go if we had to go, if they came out of the hat first we would have had to go but that wasn’t the case. If I was Westmeath and someone made that kind of a gesture (to concede home advantage) I would say come on up and we will take rashers off you and it would have been patronising as far as I am concerned. We are not in any position to be patronising to anyone,” added a manager, obviously justified in his opinion following the closeness of the game.
He finished by saying: “We have loads to work on and a short time to do it but I wouldn’t underestimate the benefit of a match.”

By:Jeddy Walsh

Email: jeddy.walsh@nationalist.ie

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