Hundred sign petition to keep Tipp’s Excel open

More than 700 signatures by 12 noon today


Hundreds of people have signed a petition to keep Tipperary Town’s Excel Centre from closing!

Staff were told yesterday (Thursday) morning that the centre will close for six months to allow a library be added to the center. Staff will not be paid during this time.

Locals have reacted with anger, however, many expressing their shock on The Nationalist’s own Facebook post and a local councillor calling it a ‘crazy’ decision.

Now that has gone a step further as local man Padraig Culbert has started on online petition calling on Tipperary County Council and the Excel to stay open.

He says:

“Tipperary County Council proposes to close the Excel Centre in Tipperary Town for up to 6 months so they can relocate the library to the building. All staff (20+) will be laid off for the duration and an independently run, very popular, cafe will have to close. This petition calls on the Council to change this ridiculous plan and to find an alternative way of relocating the library that does not affect jobs, access to a great community facility and endangers a great small business.”

People are asked to sign the following petition:

”Keep the Excel open!

The signatories of this petition are deeply concerned at the proposal to close the Excel Centre for several months to accommodate the relocation of the library to the Centre

We are concerned at the threat to the jobs of the staff and the independently-run cafè. We are also angry at the idea that the Centre would be closed to residents and visitors for such a long period. We believe that this could threaten the viability of the Centre and deny the people access to a vital amenity.

We call on you to reverse this appalling decision.”

You can see the petition here

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