Wimbledon win celebrated in Tipperary

Wimbledon ladies champion Gabrine Muguruza was cheered in Cashel by her cousin Maite Muguruza


Wimbledon has a new ladies champion in Gabrine Muguruza.

There was special interest in June Molony’s house in Cashel on Saturday in the Wimbledon ladies singles final between new champion Gabrine Muguruza and legendary player Venus Williams – because watching the game in the house was Gabrine’s cousin Maite Muguruza who is in Tipperary for the summer.

Maite is the director of a language and sports summer programme for Spanish students based in South Tipperary but took time off from her duties to cheer on Gabrine in the final.

“I am so proud of her”, Maite told The Nationalist. She has received numerous congratulations, including at Larkspur Park tennis club in Cashel on Monday night where she is pictured (above) with Danielle May, Abbie Gilmartin and Arianna Krasniqi.


Read the full story of the excitement and celebration in The Nationalist tomorrow!



By Aileen Hahesy


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