Tipperary students learn how farm safety starts with early training

FRS Training have provided a safe tractor driving course since 1996 and have trained thousands of teenagers throughout Ireland. The course itself is aimed directly at teenagers from 14 to 16 years of age.

Farm accidents and fatalities, still remain a huge problem and here at FRS we believe that farming with safety in mind begins with training young people.

The FRS Safe tractor driving course has been carried out with different groups of young people throughout the country and has received positive feedback from both students and their teachers.

FRS Training recently carried out a safe tractor driving course with a group of Ag science students from Nenagh College at their school.

Teacher Martina Duffy had great praise for tutor Tom Duffy and the course itself: “The Safe Tractor Driving skills was a great success. The course was really well adapted to their needs as young drivers. Emphasis was placed, on the correct operation of tractor safety systems and how they function as operators not just drivers. The students found the training of great benefit and were very keen to pursue more training in the near future”.

With Farming currently ranked as being the most dangerous occupation in Ireland, FRS are encouraging more schools to participate in the course and some even wanting to include it as part of every school’s curriculum. The course itself is open to all schools once there is a group of 15 students.

The main focus of the course is to teach young people how to operate and drive a tractor safely, with practical instruction being a key component of the training.

The course covers PTO shaft safety, safe tractor control procedures, trailed equipment and safe tractor operations, and brings the awareness of safety back to the farm.

The course is kindly supported by FBD Trust and the cost is just €30 per student. Anyone interested in participating in the course should contact our office directly on 0505 31588 or 1890 20 1000. Visit our website www.frstraining.com where full details of the course content is available.

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