A protest march organised for this Saturday over the proposed closure of the Excel centre in Tipperary Town to accommodate the relocation of the town library has now been deferred to the following weekend.

On Tuesday evening Tipperary County Council reversed a decision to close the Excel for six months after agreeing that the build would be extended from twenty weeks out to thirty two weeks with minimal disruption.

”We are still going ahead with the march in the town and it will be held on March 4th because we have not received any assurances yet from the CountyCouncil or the board of directors of the Excel concerning the level of that disruption,” said Padraig Culbert, a member of the newly formed Excel Action Group.

Padraig Culbert said at some stage during that thirty two week period a decision could be taken to close the Excel centre and the cafe and they wanted to receive assurances that would not happen.

By:Eamonn Lacey
Email: elacey@nationalist.ie