Results day for 2,200 Tipperary Leaving Cert Students

It’s a nervous day of anticipation for 2,200 Leaving Cert students across Co. Tipperary today, as students finally learn of their results after the long wait.

Some 58,543 students undertook the state exam this year, which sees the introduction of a new marking system. The new grading system, called the ‘common points system’ will change how points are distributed.

A free-phone hotline has been set up by the National Parents Council for students, and will be available over the next three days. The number – 1800 265 165 – will be available again for three days next week when the first round of CAO offers is made.

The new grading system makes it difficult to compare with previous years, as it does away with As, Bs, and Cs, and replaces them with a  1-8 scale for Higher and Ordinary levels.

This number of grades available now in each subject (and corresponding points) has gone from 14 to eight. Also, students who achieve a H7 grade (formerly a Higher level E grade) will pass this year and received 37 points in that subject. Before, students who received an E automatically failed and received no points.

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