RDF McCan Barracks, Templemore is recruiting

Do you want to get together with a 100 or so new good friends and learn to fire semi-automatic Steyr AUG rifles or become part of an artillery gun crew?

If so, then the Army Reserve is the place for you. You will encounter the unique challenges and attractions of the Reserve Defence Forces.

And, D Coy, 3rd infantry Battalion, McCan Barracks Templemore. is currently actively recruiting.

As a part-time force receiving professional military training, your time in the Reserves will bring experiences and challenges that will draw upon all your physical and mental abilities. And whatever you do for a living, you’ll find a unit in the Reserve that fits with your lifestyle, interests and skills.

So what are the entry requirements? Well, if you are over 18 and under 35 years of age and are willing to face the challenges that only the military can offer.

How to join, go online to www.defenceforces.ie, look for the Reserve Defence Forces or Army Reserve.

Online application forms are readily available and are just waiting for you to fill them in, The Army Reserve Defence Forces is open to Male and Female recruits.

The RDF is organised into the First Line Reserve and a Second Line Reserve. The First Line Reserve comprises former members of the Permanent Defence Force and the Second Line Reserve comprises the Army Reserve and the Naval Service Reserve.

The restructured Reserve Defence Force RDF (na hÓglaigh Cúltaca) was established in October 2005 to replace An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil and An Slua Muirí and has more recently undergone a reorganisation in tandem with the Permanent Defence Force as part of the “Single Force” concept.

The Reserve Defence Force consists of the Army Reserve and the Naval Service Reserve. The Army element is designated the Army Reserve (Cúltaca an Airm). The Naval element is designated the Naval Service Reserve (Cúltaca na Seirbhís Cabhlaigh).



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