Planned revamp of Lidl, Tipperary town


 German retail giant Lidl has lodged plans to re-develop their Tipperary town discount store located in Bank Place, just off Main Street.The plans were lodged on July 21st, and are described as: “ the demolition of the existing Lidl Licenced Discount Foodstore (1,340 sq m Gross Floor Area with 1,060 sq/m net retail sales area) and the construction of a new mono-pitched Licenced Discount Foodstore with ancillary infrastructure and associated site development works (all totalling 2,202 sqm gross floor area and ranging in height equivalent from 1 to 2 storeys), at a site of approximately 0.93 hectares.”

This will be followed by “the construction of the proposed new single level Licenced Discount Foodstore (2,154 sqm gross floor area) comprises of a retail sales area with ancillary off-licence use and bakery (total net retail sales area of 1,340 sq m), entrance pod, public facilities (lobby and toilets), staff facilities (staff lobby, toilets, staff canteen area, shower and change room), operational office, meeting room, storage (cold storage), plant room, IT room, storage and delivery area, corporate signage consisting of two building mounted corporate internally illuminated sign, one free standing internally illuminated totem pole sign at entrance, and three wall mounted externally illuminated poster panel display boards, one free standing externally illuminated poster display board, one trolley bay covered structure (48 sq m gross floor area), 168 surface car parking spaces (9 disabled, 4 parent and child), and 155 regular), 24 bicycle parking spaces”.

The primary vehicular and pedestrian access to the proposed new Licenced Discount Foodstore development will be via a repositioned site entrance onto Bank Place, along with boundary treatments, hard and soft landscaping, services (including relocation of ESB substation).

The case decision is due on or before September 14th. Submissions by August 24th.

By:Eoin Kelleher

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