MAMILs, kids on scooters… has the way Tipperary travels changed?

Tipperary households being surveyed will receive an initial letter from the Amárach Research informing them that they have been selected to partake in this survey, which is running over the next 8-10 weeks.

They will then receive a house visit from an Amárach representative who will advise on how to complete the travel diary and make arrangements to collect the information at a convenient time some days later.

The Amárach representative will be available to help the householder with any of the documentation, all of which is designed for ease of use.

Participation in the survey is voluntary. The data collected will remain confidential and anonymised as it will be presented in aggregate format.

Highlights of the 2012 Household Travel survey

• There were 12 million trips made across the country as a whole on an average weekday.

• 7 people in 10 said they used a car most often for day to day journeys.

• Over half of all daily trips were less than 3km in length, and over half of these short trips were made by car.

• Almost 40% of all trips to school / college were less than 2km in length and almost half of these short trips were made by car.

• One person in seven said walking was the mode of transport they used most often.

• 3% of people said that cycling was the mode they used most often.

Barry Colleary from the NTA concluded: “We’ll publish the results of this survey later this year and we want to thank all theTipperary householders who will participate in this important work. Generating data on transport use is essential to the NTA’s role in strategic planning of transport and in the development of an integrated, accessible public transport network.”



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