Making the most of a second chance through Kite project


 In a town ravaged with unemployment an opportunity to learn important new skills to enhance job prospects should be availed of.Knockanrawley Resource Centre is now recruiting for such an opportunity with the new KITE course, a return to work,training and education initiative designed to equip people to return to the workforce, to start in mid September.

The KITE concept has proven very successful over the years and place are available for this coming academic year.Successful candidates receive a Fetac Level 4 Cert and modules include IT, food and nutrition,skills training – First Aid , Food Hygiene, organic gardening and CV preparation.

Two of last years successful participants Cathal Price and Elaine are very pleased that their decision to sign up for KITE has been responsible for securing a job.

Cathal is now working at Knockanrawley Centre having discovered skills as a painter he never thought he had.

“Deciding to go for the KITE programme was a great decision for me, it turned out really well and I enjoyed it” said Cathal.

Cashel said he joined because he wanted more than his Junior Cert and he was very proud to get his KITE qualification.

“ I joined up for it hoping that it would boost my confidence and i wanted something more behind me than the Junior Cert.” said Cathal.

“I realised when I was on the course that I can actually paint because of the painting module on the programme” said Cathal .

He works now in Knockanrawley from nine to two and works as a painter after that.

“It turned out really well for me,it was a great programme and it has really stood to me” said Cathal.

Taking on the KITE challenge has been a very positive experience for Elaine Toomey who is also working after completing last course.

Elaine joined up for KITE purely for motivate herself to get back into the workforce.

“I needed a challenge, I had done nothing since I had my son and I needed to give myself a step up by taking on new skills and training,” said Elaine.

Elaine said she had done the Leaving Certificate but that was a good few years ago and she wanted to get back in touch with what was required on the jobs front.

“I had worked in Cork in factories and when I came back to Tipperary I had no job. I needed something to get my confidence up and to give me work experience and work placement was a very important part of the KITE course” said Elaine.

As part of her work placement she worked in the Daisychain child care centre that is part of the Knockanrawley centre.

“I was thrilled to get the job, a vacancy came up and I went for it and it really helped me to have had experience of working in childcare” said Elaine.

By: Eamonn Lacey

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