Deputy Mattie McGrath questions HSE managers while psychology service is suspended

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that confirmation of the ever expanding number of HSE managers will lead to significant frustration and anger among parents and service users in County Tipperary.
Deputy McGrath was speaking after the Irish Independent confirmed that there were 1,445 HSE managers within the system in 2016 – an 8.9 per cent increase from 2015.
“These numbers confirm what many of us have been saying for some time; that the HSE is a bloated bureaucracy that is draining significant levels of resources away from patient services. Surely this money could be better used in offering more attractive employment terms to return those nurses who have been forced to emigrate,” he said.
“What is absolutely galling about this news is that it is occurring on the same day as the HSE confirmed to me that, in South Tipperary, school-age disability psychology services are currently suspended due to staffing deficits,” said Deputy McGrath
He called for an immediate moratorium on the recruitment of managers within the HSE until a full examination was conducted about how and why so many of them were apparently needed.
T”he Minister for Health, and, indeed, the head of the HSE, now have serious questions to answer in terms how such vast amounts of public money is being ringfenced to cater for a managerial class that are having zero effect on addressing the public need for adequate service provision,” said Deputy McGrath

By:Tipperary Star reporter

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