Clonmel’s Muslim community host ‘bridge-building’ exhibition in the town

An Islamic cultural exhibition in Clonmel over the weekend was described as a bridge-building  exercise by one of the organisers.

The exhibition in the Clonmel Park Hotel attracted large numbers of visitors.

Adam Sabbagh, chairperson of Discover Islam Ireland (DII) said he was very pleased with how the event went.

“It was a way of getting to know our friends and neighbours in Clonmel”, he said.

Mr Sabbagh pointed out that there are over 300 Muslims in Clonmel, many working in the hospital, Halal shops and restaurants.

“There are many misconceptions about Islam but we have found nothing but friendliness from the people of Clonmel”, Mr Sabbagh said.

He added that he could understand how misconceptions arose from images flashed across the world on television screens.

“People can see murder and chaos on television but  this is not Islam. It is carried out by a tiny, tiny percentage of people and has nothing to do with our religion. It just takes a psychopath a few seconds to cause all this damage”, he said.

Members of the Muslim community in Clonmel welcomed visitors to the exhibition and explained the religion to them.

“The exhibition was about integration and bridge building”, Mr Sabbagh remarked. “We want to reach out to the Clonmel community and answer any questions they may have or deal with any concerns.”.

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