Breaking: Cllr Doran’s appeal to Minister Ross over Thurles roads

The state of roads and footpaths in Thurles have been raised on countless occasions by public representatives, but little or nothing has happened – a fact which has angered Cllr David Doran.

Thurles based Sinn Fein Councillor David Doran has taken the step of writing direct to the Minister for Transport Shane Ross and the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to outline his huge dissatisfaction with the condition of roads and footpaths in Thurles town centre.
This has been a matter raised by Cllr Doran on countless occasions at meetings of Tipperary County Council and also at the Templemore Thurles Municipal District Council. However, since neither local authority has juristiction over a number of the principle arteries through the town, they were simply refering the complaints on the the TII.
The routeways involved include Liberty Square, Slievenamon Road and Parnell Street and the condition of the roads and paths have been very topical. Liberty Square is due to be upgraded in the coming months with extensive refurbishments expected. And, while it is generally accepted that major funds should not be ploughed into sections of roadway which will be dug up again in a few weeks time, it should not prevent the other areas from be tended to.

Cllr Doran told The Tipperary Star that he is very disappointed with the lack of action on the roads and footpaths and he has tried a different avenue of approach.
“I have felt ignored in my calls to have the roads and paths worked on. There have been people falling all over the town on the paths and the road surfaces are very very poor. It is not good enough that the roads and paths are being left in such condition,” Cllr Doran said.
The letter to Minister Ross and the TII states, “I am writing to you re the terrible disrepair of many of our streets and footpaths in Thurles town Co. Tipperary. I am contacting you as a public representative for the District which I have been for the last 13 years, and I can honestly say that in that time they have never been as bad or in such a poor condition for such a prolonged period of time.
“I have raised this many times with our local council management, both in private and in public, and the response I get is that it is the remit and responsibility of the TII to keep the majority of footpaths and streets in Thurles safe and in a reasonable condition.

“I would implore you to see to this situation as a matter of urgency because many of the streets are in serious need of repair including many feeder streets, but particularly the main Square of our town is disgracefully poor including the only bridge in the town crossing the river Suir with many damaging their tyres etc because of such. The footpaths are equally as poor if not worse resulting in many people falling quite frequently.
“The people of the area are very reasonable people and I myself would understand the constraints of any authority re funding etc but this situation is far from reasonable or would hardly be cost prohibitive.”
Cllr Doran has received a response from the Ministers office and from TII and he has expressed his satisfaction that a conversation has commenced about the problems. “At least they have come back to me now,” he said.

By:Noel Dundon


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