New brand launched for Tipperary Town

As a small group of people gathered with their face masks firmly in place, their eyes revealed their enthusiasm and passion for the launch of the new brand for Tipperary Town. Despite the challenges of COVID19, nothing could stop the palpable excitement as members of organisations and the wider community in the town zoomed-in, eagerly awaiting their first view of the town’s new brand.

The Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task-Force Chairman, Carmel Fox, reflected that she was particularly impressed by the collaboration and partnership element of this project across organisations in the town. In particular, the inclusion of the community in identifying elements to be reflected in the new brand.

Carmel thanked the team involved in the project – Siobhan Hyland Ryan, Brian O’Rahelly, Anne Hadnett, and Dave McMahon. Carmel noted that each of these people are involved in family businesses in the town and therefore are best able to understand and represent the business and economic side of Tipperary Town. She reminded people that this is the beginning of positively addressing the image of Tipperary Town and the wider community.

Acknowledging the fantastic response to the community survey, she stated that “this provides ownership and will result in strong buy-in from the local people for this new image of the town”.

Chairman of the Municipal District, Cllr. John Crosse praised the new brand and the opportunity it presents. He thanked Economic Development Officer, Kathleen Prendergast for securing the funding for Tipperary Municipal District under the Town and Village Renewal Accelerated Measures for this project. He stated that the development of a new brand was a progressive step and everyone was looking forward to the new website.

All elected councillors in the Municipal District agreed that the brand was one to be proud of. Caroline Nesbitt, Managing Director of Designedly led the development of the brand. Caroline said that the people involved in this branding project used strong and emotive words such as ‘friendly’, ‘forward-thinking’, ‘proud’, ‘heritage’, and ‘humble’ that formed the basis of the brand.

The Chairman of Tipperary Integrated Resource Development (TIRD), Joe Hayes referred to the brand as “iconic”, as it captures one of the central landmarks in the town – the clocktower. He felt that it would bring people right into the heart of Tipperary when they saw it, be they here or abroad. He also recognised the importance of the Irish language version, which he acknowledged was a significant part of the culture of Tipperary Town. He thanked locals Michael Begley and Gerry Ring for their assistance in ensuring the essence of the brand was not lost in translation

It was a good day for Tipperary Town with many watching the live stream of the new brand. Viewers noted how they were able to connect with the branding of the town immediately.

Due to the challenges of COVID19, a live stream for the reveal of the brand was shown on the Facebook page ‘Tipp Town’. Josephine Carroll and Brendan Lonergan who voluntarily operate the ‘Tipp Town’ Facebook page with its 16K followers, kindly agreed to assist to promote the brand.

Kathleen Prendergast stated that the new brand focuses on the heart of the town; the iconic clock tower nestled in the hills reflects its beautiful location in the Golden Vale and uniquely captures its community spirit. The new identity is a contemporary vision for Tipperary Town, illustrating its location tucked between the majestic Galtee Mountains and the famed Tipperary Hills. The iconic clocktower represents the centre of the town and the community – depicting pride in heritage, culture, and natural surroundings. With its easy-going, friendly people and casual ways, this brand presents all that is positive about the town.

Kathleen concluded that as time progresses and the use of the new brand increases, people will be able to use it as a means of immediate recognition for the locality, and most importantly to show the town as unique identity amongst others.

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